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Announcement - 11 June 2016

In 2010, we set to chart the high-impact areas of space power & propulsion systems. Case studies, proposals, and theoretical machines were met with mixed results. This followed by several years of helping new-space companies develop liquid engine direction and infrastructure. At each one, a dire need for advanced simulation and systems engineering. So in 2014-2016, the team carefully forged X2 and launched a separate venture called Xplicit Computing to carry it forward.

The platform is nearly operational and we're working to apply it to advanced propulsion systems.. We have the experience, tools, and commercial means to make our ideas reality...and are now situated in the heart of Mountain View...

We are applying the world's most advanced simulation platform to develop the world's most advanced propulsion systems as we launch multi-year collaborations with two leading advanced fab firms (TBA):

  • LR-100 : refractory alloy vacuum stage thruster
  • LR-10K : copper alloy regen booster system

  • The first of an ongoing R&D series, both engines will initially be fueled by liquid methane (LNG) and later be adapted for liquid hydrogen operation. They are on a roadmap to develop the first commercial aerospike booster system, and later be a centerpiece to airbreathing hypersonic flight.

    The first engine test articles will be manufactured and tested in 2017, while further subsystem design and optimization take place. This is just the start of our ambitious program leveraging human-machine cooperation. We've developed the essential software foundation, now it is time to build some hardware!

    If you are a brilliant and accomplished aerospace engineer or technician, we are putting together an all-star team in Silicon Valley and would love to hear from you! Contact

    LR-100 thruster concept